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Ingrid Kay is a Toronto-based artist. She works directly with interior designers to help homeowners choose the perfect piece of art to complement their home design.

When did you discover your love of painting and/or other forms of visual art?

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for colour. As a child, I remember being in awe of the blue in the sky and the colours of nature surrounding me. I found painting and discovered a way to translate my vision of these beautiful colours onto canvas.

What can art bring into a home in terms of style and mood?

I believe the fastest way to make a big impression in your home is through art. It creates an energy and ambience in a room. A great piece of art can transform the ordinary into a one of a kind space.

How can art be tied to interior design?

Art is fundamental to design. A designer may create a room around a piece of art while I, as an artist, can create a painting to compliment the essence of the room. Designing a room, you require a focal point, which is often a piece of art – it creates a visual anchor. In order for a project to reach completion, the appropriate art selection is crucial.

How would you describe your visual aesthetic?

Designers and art collectors seek out my work as I have distinctive style and a unique ability to harmonize colours through building thin layers of paint on textured canvases. My paintings are intended to please the eye and stir the soul.

What’s it like working with interior designers?

I really enjoy the collaborative process where we are each contributing our respective expertise to realize the client’s dream. When I consult with a designer and client, we decide to either use a piece of my work already in my collection or create a special canvas to enhance the space. Interior designers commission me because of my signature use of colours and textures, as well as my ability to adapt my work to complete their vision.

What’s the process you go through to help a homeowner choose art to complement their home design?

The first thing I do during an art consultation is establish which of my artwork the client is drawn to. We then have to determine the scale of work required and positioning in their home. I will bring along several pieces to see how they relate in the space and we usually know immediately if the painting works or if a new commission is in order. I also consider the collection of art they own and how the pieces relate to one another and compliment each other.

What’s your favourite part about helping homeowners incorporate art in their space?

When I create a painting, my intention is to establish an emotional connection with the viewer of my art. My paintings are an extension of me and when placed in someone’s home, the work they have selected becomes an extension of them. I love creating this connection with my collectors and my art lives when someone falls in love with it!

What tips would you give a homeowner who doesn’t know how to go about finding the perfect piece of art for their personality, taste and home design?

A designer once told me to only put things in your home that you love – don’t just fill a space. Art should move you, stir your soul and awaken your emotions. The art in your home doesn’t have to “match” the decor and colours, but it should somehow relate, even if they evoke a similar ambience. Be true to yourself and wait until you find a special piece of art that you love – make sure you will enjoy it everyday.

How can the right art help with someone’s sense of wellbeing?

Colour is instrumental to our sense of wellbeing. My paintings bring a sense of calm, peaceful serenity. My more vibrant pieces provoke a happy uplifting energy to the viewer. My clients have said that my art makes their house feel like a home, and I am totally honoured to receive that kind of feedback.

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